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Ubuntu 16.04 available

Canonical released a new version of their Ubuntu operating system this april. This version packs a huge amount of new features and fixes.

This article talks about a few of these new features and changes. We’ll explain a few important points you need to consider when using or migrating to Ubuntu 16.04.


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CloudVPS doubles hard disk for traditional VPS instances and upgrades the CPU

From july 29th forward, CloudVPS have changed their configurations for new VPS instances on our traditional Xen and Hyper-V platform. This means that you can get double the hard disk space with the VPS products ranging from VPS1 to VPS4 inclusive, at the same price level as before. We have also upgraded our CPUs from 2.6 to 3.2GHz.


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CloudVPS recertified against stricter ISO27001:2013 standards

Information security plays a critical role within CloudVPS: The security and protection of both your and our data is central to our mission. One measure that can be helpful to such a policy is the adoption of ISO27001, a standard in the same area of security.

A new version of the standard was published in September, 2013. This updated version simplified a number of its elements, and improved on its overall structure.


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