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We have two Frequently Asked Questions pages in our site: one for genral questions and one specialised in OpenStack.

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CloudVPS blog

Our blog keeps you up-to-date on the latest developments at CloudVPS and our services. We also blog about interesting market developments and case studies. As we have many international clients and projects, our blog is written in English. Go to our weblog

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On Facebook you can see our social side. This is were we keep you informed about interesting stuff we encounter or experience. The language of choice is also normally English, but Dutch is no problem. You can find our page here.

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Twitter is a very direct method of communication. Our general tweets are normally in English, but if you prefer, you are free to choose Dutch as well. We have two twitter accounts: @Cloud_VPS is used to communicate news and @CloudVPSnetwork is used to communicate the status of our network and the support flow.

N2 monitoring software

N2 is a monitoring tool developed by CloudVPS for Linux and Windows servers. You can access it via the CloudVPS Interface. The N2 interface allows you to jump back to any point in time you like so you can see what was going on in the server at a critical moment. N2 is also available open source. Click here to read more about this software.

Cloud Quality Standard

We believe that a generally accepted cloud quality standard will have an extremely positive impact on the cloud sector and its customers. Our team is actively participating in discussions and working on good definitions and procedures in collaboration with other organisations. You can follow the progress of one of our projects at cloudcontrols.org.

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