/ Network & data centers

/ State-of-the-art data centers

We rent space at three of the best data centers in Amsterdam; Equinix AM3, NorthC Amsterdam and EU Networks.

We are extremely critical when selecting a data center. Presence of a fully redundant power supply, access to international carriers, good cooling and strict access procedures are just a few of the criteria we base our selection upon. In addition, our data centers are located at least 5 kilometers apart.

Equinix AM3 is the most advanced data center in the Netherlands and also one of the greenest in the world. The data center uses a revolutionary cooling system based on ‘Aquifer Termal Energy Storage’. This means that excess heat is stored in an underground reservoir which is then used by the University of Amsterdam to heat its buildings.

/ Connectivity

We have multiple 1 and 10 Gigabit connections to the internet spread across our data centers. Between our data centers, we have our own 40 Gigabit fiber ring, which allows for high-speed data exchange between the different parts of our cloud. We use two core routers in a redundant setup at each data center. The switching network, connecting the routers with our clusters, is also fully redundant. 

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