Beta Test OpenStack Compute Virtual Servers


CloudVPS has developed the first OpenStack based public cloud in the Netherlands. In April we launched the successful CloudVPS Object Store, our OpenStack based cloud storage platform. Now it is the turn of our virtual servers, called the 'Compute' function in OpenStack. With CloudVPS Compute our customers can easily create and manage large networks of virtual servers. In order to make management even easier, CloudVPS developed its own OpenStack interface called Skyline.

CloudVPS Compute

With our new CloudVPS Compute platform, customers will only pay for the resources they use. It is also easy to upload and start your own images. The virtual servers are fitted out with enterprise grade storage technology that ensures all data is stored on three active storage nodes.

OpenStack API

An other advantage is that all services can be directly managed with an application programming interface (API). Because of this software programs can activate the necessary cloud resources without human intervention. Cloud parties like HP and Rackspace also use the OpenStack API, so everything a developer writes that communicates with the OpenStack API can also be deployed on those platforms.


CloudVPS is completely switching to OpenStack, a fast growing collection of open source cloud projects that can be used to build a cloud infrastructure. The poject has an enormous momentum and is supported by big names like HP, Cisco, Red Hat Canonical (Ubuntu) and VMware. We expect that OpenStack will become one of the most important systems to build and integrate clouds with. CloudVPS intends to take a pioneering role in this. By using OpenStack, CloudVPS will be able to deploy new cloud services. Because OpenStack is entirely open source our customers can be sure that no backdoors of foreign government services are included.

User Friendly Interface

OpenStack has its own web interface called Horizon. This is developed primary for private clouds and could do with some improvements in terms of user friendliness. We have put our developers to work to build and interface that is easily to use for all our public cloud users. The result is just what we hoped for: an intuitive, elegant control panel with a simple, graphic look. We believe that users will be happy with the ease they can now manage their cloud. Because this interface replaces Horizon, we chose the related name 'Skyline'.

Wanted: Beta Testers

In order to test this new service, API and interface, CloudVPS is looking for beta testers. These testers can use CloudVPS Compute freely till at least the 10th of January. Beta testers can also have a 10 Gigabyte CloudVPS Object Store account to their disposal.

Read more about the CloudVPS Compute Beta test.

Feedback on the Beta can be provided (and viewed) on our Twitter @cloudvps with the hash-tag #cloudvpscomputebeta.