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Automatic backup snapshots on OpenStack

This article shows you how to set up automatic backup snapshots of instances on our OpenStack platform. These snapshots are full backups of a virtual machine and can be used to clone an instance or restore one. We'll also show you how to set up an hook for apt-get updates and installations. This way you can quickly recover from a failed update. The snapshots have retention.

This article is a bit more technical than our usual blog articles.



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The freedom of OpenStack

Self-service in the cloud

‘OpenStack’. Clearly, it sounds great. But what exactly is it? And, maybe even more importantly: what can you do with OpenStack and why would you prefer this platform over traditional cloud solutions? On 5 October 2016, at the partner meeting ‘The Future Decrypted’ in Rotterdam, CloudVPS explained OpenStack and provided (background) information that we wish to share with you.


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Hard and Software Upgrade CloudVPS Object Store

Over the last two months we've upgraded both the software and hardware of the CloudVPS Object Store.

Hardware Upgrade

The CloudVPS Object Store is growing with milions of objects a week. Growth has increased exponentially since the introduction of our popular Backup to Object Store product. This meant that we had to increase the hardware quicker than expected. Over the last two months we increased the capacity of the object store by 400%. The rebalancing of objects resulting from this unfortunately decreased performance for a couple of weeks.


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