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Building HA Clusters with Ansible and Openstack

This article is an extensive guide on building high available clusters with Ansible and Openstack. It is written by CloudVPS cloud admin Remy van Elst and was published last week on his personal blog raymii.org.

We'll build a Highly available cluster consisting out of two load balancers, two database servers and two application servers. This is all done with Ansible, the cluster nodes are all on Openstack. Ansible is a super awesome orchestration tool and Openstack is a big buzzword filled software suite for datacenter virtualization.


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Hosting a static blog on the CloudVPS Object store

This blog is written by CloudVPS developer Koert van der Veer, it was published earlier this month on his personal blog.

There are a ton of CMS systems for personal blogs. Wordpress is probably the most popular one, but there are many others. These CMSs tend to have an online admin panel, protected by a password. Creating a blog entry is usually pretty easy, although when you're a bit picky about the appearance of your post, you'll end up editing HTML.

While these systems are perfect for non-techsavvy users, they have one major weakness: both the software and the content need to be on the same server. This means that the software you use is exposed to the entire internet. Just google wordpress vulnerability to get a sense of the implications. Moreover, you'll need a server configured for some script language, usually PHP, which has both cost and performance implications. Lastly, if your blog gets slashdotted, there is often no good way to scale your blog, as there are many dynamic components.

If nice wysiwyg editing is not among your requirements, you could decide to switch to a static blog system. In this blog I'll be using the CloudVPS objectstore as a storage medium, but there are many alternatives for that, too.


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Major Vulnerability Wordpress 3.8.1 and 3.7.1 - Upgrade Mandatory

Another day, another major vulnerability in an important piece of software. Wordpress, one of the most widespread CMS’es in the world, has recently released a new version in order to close a vulnerability which allows attackers unauthorized access to your environment.

When a user logs into Wordpress so-called ‘authentication cookies’ are created and placed on your computer. These authentication cookies contain information regarding the user and authentication and are used for providing access. However, it now seems those authentication cookies can be forged by an attacker, thereby granting full access to your environment.


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Case Study: Building a filetransfer-application on the CloudVPS Object Store

A guest blog by well known PHP programmer Stefan Koopmanschap. He has produced a case study building a simplified PHP version of Wetransfer on our object store. This case study was published in the September 2013 issue of the number one international PHP magazine PHParchitect. Because PHParchitect wanted to publish the case study we can not provide it on our blog at this point but Stefan did write this article about some of the thinking behind the case study. We hope Stefans' case study and this article inspires others to build the next WeTransfer on our privacy aware and open cloud storage platform.


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CloudVPS - PW Webdevelopment Case Study: Object Store S3 emulation for Django

PW Webdevelopement's first project with the CloudVPS Object Store was a web application for the distribution and modification of price cards for airport shops in different international airports. PW Webdevelopment has been using an object store to store media files of their applications for a couple of years now.

Peter Wiggers, founder of PW Webdevelopment: "The biggest advantages of using an object store for the meda files are scalability and the high level of built-in redundancy. The extra security compared to maintaining a separate file server also plays its part.".

The media files related to this application were placed on Amazon S3 in the past. PW Webdevelopment recently decided to move their data to the CloudVPS Object Store, however.


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We welcome the new site of Exact Software on the CloudVPS platform

We would like to congratulate our customer Exact Software with their new Dutch website which went online early last week. Exact is a leading global supplier of online and offline business software. The Dutch website is very important to Exact and handles millions of visits from new and existing customers every year. The new version has a new layout and combines the former exactonline.nl and exact.nl sites. The new site has 521 regular pages and many thousands of pages that are generated dynamically.

The site is not only more visually attractive and convenient, significant technological improvements have also been implemented. A new cluster is configured that consists of nine virtual servers. These virtual servers are located in two datacenters and the cluster is set up to keep working even if one of the datacenters would stop functioning. This allows the extremely high uptime demands of Exact to be met. The site also uses memcached to increase its speed.


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Varnish frontend caching voor examenklacht.nl

The site examenklacht.nl ('exam complaint') of the Landelijk Aktie Komitee Scholieren (LAKS) has seen a lot of traffic lately. LAKS is the Dutch national action committee representing high school students. On the site examenklacht.nl students can get information about their high school exams and lodge complaints. The site is also the first site to publish Dutch exam results so the site tends to get swamped with visitors when that data comes in.

The site was actually unreachable a for a period of time on Thursday the 17th when 20,000 students tried to reach exam results at the same time. The examenklacht.nl site is located on a Windows virtual server. Below you can see the CPU graph of this VPS.


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