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CloudVPS Acquired by Dutch Provider IT-Ernity

The Dutch Internet Service Provider IT-Ernity has acquired all the shares of CloudVPS.

With this acquisition CloudVPS will become part of a group that will support our continued growth and enable new initiatives. IT-Ernity gains the leading Dutch public cloud and Europe’s first public OpenStack platform.

What does this mean for our customers

CloudVPS will become the public cloud division of the IT-Ernity group and will maintain its own brand.

No changes are planned to the team structure except that plans to hire additional people for the support desk and to set up an account management team will be accelerated.

There are also no plans to change any of our terms of business or to change any prices, except for continuing to lower them over time. Because IT-Ernity is a Dutch company with a strong commitment to privacy we will continue to provide the privacy guarantees that you are used to.

The acquisition also means our customers get access to new services such as private cloud solutions, managed services, and dedicated connectivity.

About IT-Ernity

IT-Ernity offers a comprehensive selection of hosting solutions ranging from fully managed configurations to self and semi managed public cloud services. The company also offers shared hosting services and secure dedicated connectivity through xDSL and fibre. After the acquisition of CloudVPS the company serves a diverse and growing customer base of over 46,000 customers in the Netherlands and across Europe.

Thank you!

We want to thank all of our customers for their support over the last few years and are looking forward to continue working with you as a part of the IT-Ernity family.

Please email us or give us a call if you have any questions.

Lennard Zwart

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