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CloudVPS adds most advanced datacenter in The Netherlands

We have recently added a suite in Equinix AM3 as one of our main points of presence. We decided to add a second Equinix managed location to our growing network because of the positive experiences we have had with the company as a customer in Equinix AM2. Also important is that AM3 is the top datacenter in the Netherlands both in terms of sustainability and resilience.

Equinix is the largest datacenter group in the world with a focus on the quality of their service. They currently manage more than 100 datacenters in countries around the world.

Green Technology

Equinix AM3 features a state of the art cooling system based on Aquifer Termal Energy Storage. This means that excess heat is stored in an underground reservoir which is subsequently used by the University of Amsterdam to heat its buildings. The datacenter is built to an extremely low PUE of 1.1. This means the power used for cooling and other overhead consists of only 10% of the energy used by customer equipment. Usually modern datacenter PUE will be in the 1.3 to 1.7 range. Because of its revolutionary green design Equinix AM3 won the prestigious Green Datacenter Award in 2012. Equinix AM3 also complies with the rigorous international LEED standard.


Quality of Service

Even though it is a new datacenter Equinix AM3 already complies with a number of international quality and security standards: ISO9001 (quality management), ISO27001 (security management) and PCI-DSS (Payment Card Data Security Standard). A number of other quality and environmental management certifications are in the works.

CloudVPS only does business with datacenters that allow us to take care of our own transit arrangements (carrier neutral datacenters). Using Equinix connect we can easily connect with al the important transit providers and internet exchanges. This allows us to offer our customers the fast transit speeds they are used to at CloudVPS.

Security arrangements combine advanced technology with some proven medieval measures. Biometric scanners are used for access while the state of the art building security systems are augmented by a real live moat. The power is highly redundant with compartmentalised power networks backed up by pre-heated diesel generators.

We already have traditional VPS clusters available at Equinix AM3 and will soon add it as an OpenStack Availability Zone. We decommissioned Global Switch as a datacenter location. This keeps our total number of datacenter locations at 4 including our backup location.

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