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CloudVPS BOSS - Linux Backup to Object Store

CloudVPS has added a long expected new piece of software to its backup options, CloudVPS BOSS, or Backup to Object Store Script. This program allows you to backup Linux servers to our highly redundant and cheap CloudVPS Object Store, instead of to our backupservers.

BOSS has a lot of advantages and new features:

  • Data is stored at least 3 times over two datacenters
  • Better retention control
  • Better scheduling of backups, more than once a day
  • Data is compressed better and uses even less storage
  • PostgreSQL backup and restore is now possible
  • Object storage costs a lot less than storage on a backup server

CloudVPS BOSS is built around Duplicity. Duplicity recently added support for OpenStack Swift, the software that powers our object store. We used Duplicity to create an easy to use full featured backup suite. It supports all major Linux distributions like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Arch and Fedora. The program also detects MySQL & PostgreSQL databases and works with all major control panels. The program is open source so you could use it on externe servers and OpenStack object stores if you like.

Setup and installation can be done in less than 5 minutes and after that it just works. For the next month we will install CloudVPS BOSS for free. If the relevant server has Service Level 2 or 3 we will automatically take care of installation and monitoring of this backup solution.

Installation instructions and documentation can be found here. You need an Openstack Account which can be created here. Customers that also have a traditional or OpenStack VPS get 10 GB free Object Storage, so small backup usage will not cost you anything.

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