CloudVPS Compute Beta Test Update


The beta test for our new CloudVPS Compute platform has been ongoing for four weeks. We would like to take this opportunity to share some of our findings. First we would like to thank the beta testers for their participation and the tremendous amount of feedback we have received. At the moment we have 154 active beta testers that have reported 116 bugs and feature requests. 74 of these bugs and feature requests have been dealt with at this moment.

Besides the suggestions for improvements the general feedback has been extremely positive. The CloudVPS Compute Skyline interface and API are deemed to be extremely friendly compared to services like Amazon Web Services, while the performance is significantly higher.

We will extend the free beta test beyond the 10th of January in order to process all feedback. Details on the new timeline will be made available in the New Year. We would like to ask you to let us know if you do not use your beta servers anymore or to bring them down yourself. There is a tremendous amount of demand for the beta and we could use any unused capacity.

Feedback and Changes

There are a number of features that we have fundamentally changed thanks to the feedback of our testers. The concept of Security Groups was not clear to a lot of testers. Security Groups are firewall rules that apply to a number of cloud servers. Documentation of Security Groups can be found on the knowledge base: We have changed the way security groups are created and changed so that there are now smaller security groups with specific functions. Besides this we solved a lot of small issues in the Skyline interface to make it even more user friendly.

Because of the huge interest for the beta we have added extra IP-ranges. This has the disadvantage that a floating IP from the new ranges can not be linked to a virtual server with an IP from the old ranges. This means that if you have existing virtual servers from the old or ranges, you can no longer add floating IP's for these servers via the interface. You can still use the API to do this or send an email to After the beta all IP-ranges will be combined, eliminating this problem.

Warning: Stresstest

During the next three weeks we will conduct a number of heavy stress tests on the CloudVPS Compute platform. Think about consciously making cluster components unavailable, failing multiple harddisks and simulating heavy DDOS attacks. Because of this the environment can suffer reduced performance and unavailability during the next three weeks. We will keep you informed via Twitter @cloudvps #cloudvpscomputebeta.

Planning next weeks

Besides the stress test we will continue implementing further improvements and continue our work on the documentation of the production environment. In the new year adding volumes and snapshotting is first on the agenda. Volumes are hard disks that can exist independently from a virtual server and can be added to a virtual server at will. Load Balancing as a Service will follow quickly. Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) makes it possible to divide traffic over different servers without having to configure any load balancing servers.

We also want to ask you to keep reporting your suggestions and comments. Your feedback is very valuable for us and because of your feedback we can make the CloudVPS Compute platform even better.

Finally: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!