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CloudVPS Compute Update: Beta reset March 16th - Production in April

We have been moving all our services to OpenStack since the introduction of the CloudVPS Object Store last April. Since December of last year we have been beta testing our new OpenStack based virtual server platform CloudVPS Compute. With this new platform you will be able to quickly create virtual servers and complex network setups. CloudVPS Compute can be controlled through the elegant Skyline interface or the OpenStack API. We would like to provide you with an update regarding the beta test and official launch of this new platform.

In production in April

The beta test has been a huge success with more than 250 participants that continuously run about 500 virtual servers. Thanks to our testers we received over 100 ideas for further improvements. Most of these improvements have been implemented by now.

One of the changes concerns opting for new hardware in order to further improve hard disk performance. The hard disk speed of the beta setup is already a lot higher than that of our current virtual server platform. With the new hardware we will be able to offer really incredibly high hard disk speed. The delivery and configuration time needed for the new hardware does mean that we currently expect the production platform to become available by the second half of April.

Beta period and reset

Interested parties will be able to try out the beta setup until at least the 30th of March. On the 16th of March we will implement a huge improvement to the platform. Because of this large update the content of all existing beta accounts will be removed. This means that all virtual servers, volumes, security groups, networks, routers etc. will be deleted and will be recreated after the reset.

If beta testers want to secure the hard disk of a virtual server it is possible to create an image of the relevant server. This can be used after the reset to boot new servers from.

If you register as a new beta tester before we execute the reset than we will make your account available after the reset. We will email current beta testers when it is possible to continue with testing after the reset is executed and the results are tested. We expect that they will be able to reuse the platform sometime the first half of the week of the 16th.

Improved hard disk functionality

Most improvements related to the reset apply to the hard disk functionality. An important improvement concerns hard disk speed. In order to make this extremely fast we will procure new hardware but we have also took measures in the software layer. As part of the reset, the software that connects the virtual servers with the storage nodes will be revamped in order to boost hard disk speed.

Besides this a lot of functionality will be added to the boot volumes of virtual server that is currently only available for extra volumes. This adds the following possibilities:

  • You can terminate a virtual server and keep the boot volume for later use.
  • The boot volume can be copied, even if it is linked to a running virtual server.
  • You can take snapshots from boot volumes.
  • Snapshots can be used to create new volumes and images. Images are slower to use than snapshots but have the advantage that they are stored on a separate storage infrastructure.
  • You can now create an image from a boot volume without any downtime.
CloudVPS Object Store integrated

Besides the hard disk related improvements we will add the CloudVPS Object Store to the Skyline interface during the reset. This means beta testers will be able to test the CloudVPS Object Store. With a beta account you will automatically receive the free object store usage tier that we offer our virtual server customers. This free usage tier is described below:

10 GB Storage
10 GB outgoing traffic pm
50.000 heavy API calls pm
500.000 light API calls pm

Let us know if you exceed these limits by accident during beta testing and you receive an invoice for that usage. Under normal circumstances we will subsequently credit your invoice.


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