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CloudVPS doubles hard disk for traditional VPS instances and upgrades the CPU

From july 29th forward, CloudVPS have changed their configurations for new VPS instances on our traditional Xen and Hyper-V platform. This means that you can get double the hard disk space with the VPS products ranging from VPS1 to VPS4 inclusive, at the same price level as before.

VPS configurations version 2015.7
  HDD RAM CPU Price/m
VPS 1 20 GB 40 GB 1 GB 1 Core € 10,95
VPS 2 40 GB 80 GB 2 GB 2 Cores € 19,95
VPS 3 80 GB 160 GB 4 GB 2 Cores € 34,95
VPS 4 160 GB 320 GB 8 GB 3 Cores € 64,95
VPS 5   320 GB 16 GB 4 Cores € 119,95
VPS 6   480 GB 24 GB 4 Cores € 174,95

With the shifting of available hard disk space, the products that are capable of carrying snapshots are still limited to those with a maximum of 80GB storage. This means that the default storage configurations of only the VPS1 and VPS2 products are eligible for snapshotting.

CPU upgrade to 3.2GHz

New VPS instances will also get an extra CPU boost to 3.2GHz per CPU core, up from 2.6GHz for existing products.

Upgrades for existing customers

If you already have a VPS on our platform that you would like to upgrade to the new product, you have the possibility of ordering a new VPS, migrating the data, and cancelling the old instance.

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