CloudVPS introduces Data Ownership Guarantee


In a lot of cases our direct customers store data on our cloud on behalf of another party. This is most often the case with IT outsourcing solutions that use our cloud infrastructure.

Although this happens a lot, it does mean the data owner depend on the willingness and ability of our direct customer to secure its rights. This can be a reason for the data owner to delay outsourcing to the cloud. In the past we have provided guarantees to the data owner to secure its ownership and access to the data.

We have now created a standard Data Ownership Guarantee that can be used in these circumstances. This document will contain a description of the data and needs be signed by both the customer and the data owner. After that we will also sign the document and distribute copies to all parties. When this is concluded the data owner can always approach us to get a copy of the data or ask us to destroy the data.

This means that if your data is being placed in our cloud via another party, the Data Guarantee Ageement can provide you with all the comfort you need.

Get in touch with us if you would like to use the Data Guarantee Agreement. We will be able to set it up quickly for you.