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CloudVPS NextVPS

CloudVPS introduces NextVPS


Rotterdam, 7 March, 2018 – CloudVPS, one of the largest Dutch independent IaaS providers, has today launched NextVPS, a new and revolutionary virtual private server portfolio (VPS). Based on CloudVPS’s OpenStack technology, the new product allows customers to experience all of the CloudVPS Openstack benefits including; high stability and increased availability without the complexities of using and managing a VPS. Unlike the current market standard, customers are entitled to a new payment model, allowing them to pay per hour, instead of per month.

Customers using the NextVPS platform can count on a redundant and scalable platform, which is fully ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. What’s more, customers choosing this solution can take a step closer to GDPR compliance as they enter into an agreement with an organization based in the European Union.  

Three copies of customer data are stored within the same data center, which includes SSD storage. Further benefits of NextVPS include unlimited data traffic, the availability of resources immediately after configuraton and the flexibility to expand or terminate the service at any time.  

Chris de Jongh, CEO at CloudVPS: “With NextVPS, we are introducing the new standard in terms of VPS’s and we’re making the most complex technology available for everyone. In addition to speed, flexibility and a strong price-quality ratio, personal service is one of our focal points. The fact that users can move onto OpenStack without having to migrate their environment, is what makes this platform unique.”

When they create a VPS, customers will have access to a self-service portal, in which they can choose a preinstalled operating system, common middleware and application stacks and/or control panels. This portal also offers insight into account and invoice data and the consumption of their purchased resources. CloudVPS is responsible for the operational management of the underlying hardware and software.

With its NextVPS platform, CloudVPS offers new service level agreements and support possibilities. With the SLAs, customers know exactly what to expect in terms of availability and what CloudVPS’s responsibility is in offering NextVPS. The service can be purchased at any moment, without having to enter into a long-term contract.

NextVPS in short

  • High-availability platform
  • SSD storage with triple data storage
  • Pay-per-hour
  • Self-service portal to manage the VPS service and view administrative data
  • Image store: operating system images that are immediately applicable and available
  • App Store: preconfigured and common application of VPS set-ups
  • 4x40 Gbps platform infrastructure and 4x10 Gbps network connection for high-performance and redundant network connections
  • Multiple availability zones for physical separation
  • ISO 9001/ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified
  • Hosted in advanced data centers in the Netherlands

CloudVPS’s OpenStack platform

CloudVPS’s OpenStack platform – a public cloud platform – utilises the most advanced technology built and supported by CloudVPS’s service, based on its extensive experience with OpenStack. The platform was created in collaboration with Dell EMC, Mirantis and Equinix. OpenStack is a collection of open source software that companies can use to develop public, private and hybrid cloud applications. The CloudVPS OpenStack platform is unique in Europe and offers companies, SaaS providers and developers the freedom and ease of setting up their own cloud environment.