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CloudVPS joins Nen/ISO cloud standard committee

CloudVPS - ISO logo - ISO27001 projectAs from last week CloudVPS has joined the Distributed Application Platforms and Services committee of the NEN (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC38).

The NEN is the Dutch standards organisation. The aim of this committee is to create a market wide discussion platform for the standardisation and acceptance of cloud services. It will organise meetings and create an overview of relevant definitions, norms and publications. The committee will also provide input on norms that are currently under development.

The most important international standard currently in progress is ISO 27017.  This is the information security norm for the use of cloud computing services that ISO is currently working on. It is based on the well known ISO 27002 (IT security) and is expected to be released next year.

We are looking forward to contributing to the further development of cloud computing as a mature industry. CloudVPS and the other four current members, EuroCloud, Microsoft, AMC/UvA and DHPA, would like to invite other interested parties to join. Please contact the commitee if your organisation would be interested.

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