CloudVPS Object Store Beta test - More testers welcome


cloudvps object storeBesides further improving the current storage infrastructure by adding SSD caching we are busy developing an object store. An object store is a distributed storage platform that allows objects (files) to be stored and retrieved using simple API-calls. This solution is ideal for larger pieces of information like images and other media files or backups. Object stores have been gaining popularity rapidly, especially with large companies and developers of web-applications with large amounts of static data.

At the moment the most well known example of an object store is Amazon S3. Our solution will be significantly more affordable than the solutions currently being offered. We will ask sensible compensation for storage and outgoing traffic and do not plan to charge for API calls. You will be able to order this product independently of our virtual server products.

A major benefit of our solution will be a Dutch location for your data. We are also not subject to the Patriot Act. This is the law that forces US companies to hand over your data to US government agencies no matter were it is located.

The CloudVPS Object Store is based on OpenStack swift. You can communicate with your store using the OpenStack Object Storage Application Programming Interface (API). We also have an S3 emulation that covers most S3 based use-cases. Read more technical details about our solution on our knowledge base.

Join our beta!
As from today we are beta testing our object store and we are still looking for testers, no matter if they are currently CloudVPS customers or not. Please send a mail to if you are interested. Beta testers will receive a free 200G of object storage for a period of at least 3 three months.

We expect to launch our object store coming September. We hope this solution will be a powerful new tool for corporates, developers and website-owners.