CloudVPS Object Store beta tester contributes Java library


Our customer 42 was one of the first customers that joined the CloudVPS Object Store beta test. An object store is a distributed cloud storage platform that allows objects (files) to be stored and retrieved using simple API-commands. It is an ideal way to store images and other media files in the cloud. The most well-known example of an object store is Amazon S3. Our solution will be significantly cheaper and will address the privacy concerns related to storing valuable data with a US company.

We intend to launch a production version of our object store soon and besides helping us to test, 42 have also been working to make their own lives easier. They did this by creating a Java library that allows applications to communicate with our object store. Their Java library connects specifically with the OpenStack API, as our object store is based on the OpenStack Swift project.

The name that 42 gave the library is JOSS, Java OpenStack Storage. They released on the 16th of September and it is available open source on github. 42 cordially invites the community to use or contribute to JOSS. A handy tutorial is available on the 42 blog.

For Java developers, JOSS will be a relief over most OpenStack bindings available. They will have a fully functioning mock environment, that allows developers to do their work in isolation, removing the need to always be connected to an object store. The API is natural for anyone acquainted with the Active Record pattern - 'simple usage, hidden complexity'. The client is capable of re-authenticating when tokens expire, facilitating long-running web applications. When HTTP status errors are returned, the developer will be presented with an exception that codifies the problem.

Next steps

42 is currently working towards the 1.0 version, which will be released after JOSS has been thoroughly stress-tested for their lauch customer. JOSS is currently capable of most major functions in Object Store and 42 aims to add the most important minor functions (such as support for content-sniffing, Range and If-* headers) well before the 1.0 version is released.

A case study that is being worked on right now will demonstrate how the object store and JOSS can be integrated into a Java architecture that makes use of private containers. This streaming-based object store architecture is interesting for all parties who want the application layer to be in charge of who accesses secure content. The case study will be supported with a complete out-of-the-box working demo project of this architecture.

Next steps for CloudVPS

We are currently incorporating the feedback from the beta test. Think about adding functionality like temporarily urls that give a user rights to an object for a limited amount of time. At the same time we are working on the production environment. We expect to launch this production environment soon.

Contact us if you have data that can be stored in an object store and you might be interested in joining us as a launch customer. We are still looking for partners to help lauch this project and for them we have important benefits.