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CloudVPS reopens php-opencloud. You will be surprised who closed it off..

php-opencloud is a popular libary to make it easy for PHP to communicate with OpenStack clouds. Our customers use it a lot to communicate with the CloudVPS Object Store.

Rackspace, an American provider, has originally developed php-openstack in-house and released it open source after the introduction of OpenStack. During this release it was made possible for php-opencloud to communicate with not-Rackspace based OpenStack clouds. A separate 'OpenStack module' was needed for this because the Rackspace cloud diverges in some important ways from a generic OpenStack solution.

The project is still supported by Rackspace and the real OpenStack clouds are apparently not always taken into account. In php-opencloud 1.7.0 (31 October 2013) authentication support for tenants became broken, this caused the OpenStack module to stop working while the Rackspace module continued to work.

After becoming aware of this we analysed the problem with the help of our customers and subsequently developed a patch. This patch has been merged at the beginning of December, just before the v1.8.0 release.

This is where our patch was merged: https://github.com/rackspace/php-opencloud/commit/8fa9da3f004f97c99734e68737e6bf4b0dc5732f

It took a little while before everything was correctly integrated but it all worked flawlessly in v1.9.0 that became available yesterday.

Our knowledgebase article on php-opencloud has also been updated in order to integrate the new authentication method.

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