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dm-cache presented at USENIX Conference

On Thursday the 14th dm-cache was presented to the FAST '13, the 11th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies conference in San Jose California. This is one of the most distinguished storage conferences.

dm-cache is a joint project between CloudVPS and Florida International University. It is a caching module that can work with external storage and works from within the Linux kernel.

After about a year of development CloudVPS has activated dm-cache on its latest Linux clusters in October of 2012. Thanks to dm-cache a lot of harddisk IO is now served from lightning fast SSD disks.

Dulcardo Arteaga, the PhD student that worked on this project, has presented it on the second day of the conference. The research used data from our live clusters in order to determine the right cache size and the right cache configuration. Using these results we can continue to improve performance for our customers.

Read a poster used in the presentation, or you can read a summary of the paper. The long version of the paper is still under review.


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