Free CloudVPS Content Delivery Network


Speed up your website without extra cost

Starting today, CloudVPS offers lightning fast international distribution of website content via a free Content Delivery Network (CDN). A content delivery network is a distribution network of fast servers that a spread out over multiple datacenters around the world. This means the CDN system can store static content like pictures at a location close by the visitor of a website. This content will subsequently be loaded extremely quickly when the page is requested.

Most often the largest part of a websites’ content is static so this can have an enormous effect on the response time of the page. CloudVPS offers its CDN together with international telecom Level 3, this means there are 93 locations across the world that can serve your content.

An increasingly larg part of our customers are successful by catering to a wordwide audience  and there is a direct relationship between the success of a website and its response time. This factor is getting more important for website visitors, they increasingly tend to leave sites that have a slow feel to them. For, the international website of Exact Software, that we executed the first CDN-pilot with, we have improved the worldwide delivery speed of its static content by 69.5%.

Level 3 Technology

Level 3 has used her tier-1 international bandwidth network to create one of the largest CDN’s in the world, with a capacity of 26.8 terabit per second. Across its 93 locations, the network uses more than 15.000 servers to deliver international content 70% faster on average. Files that are requested multiple times within the same geographical region, will be stored on a fast server in a datacentre within that region by the CDN. Customers can simply determine which files need to be available for use within the CDN via the CloudVPS interface. Pilot Successful

“The CDN-pilot was surely a success” According to Ebo Eppenga, Marketing & Communication manager at Exact, an international financial software company. “Because of our international presence it it extremely important for us to present a fast website to our visitors. CDN technology is essential to achieve this goal.” During the pilot we measured the webperformance of the homepage from 21 international locations. After activation of the CDN the loading time of the static content of the homepage dropped by 69.5% on average. The next step is speeding the dynamic content.

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CDN Scores on Google

Googe judges sites on their loading speed when determining its search results: the higher the loading speed the higher the site ranking. This can be solved by placing your own servers with relevant content around the world but you can also deploy a CDN. This means a CDN not only saves costs by avoiding the procurement of servers abroad, it also improves search engine ranking.

Free Service

It is our responsibility to ensure a super fast and reliable network, wherever your users are located. We see this as a basic element of our service and this is the reason why we do not charge anything extra for the CloudVPS CDN. Our customers will continue to pay the normal cost for outgoing traffic. If the content is stored in the CloudVPS Object Store the cost are €357,50 for 10 Terrabyte of CDN-traffic. Prices of international CDN providers are generally 3 to 5 times higher. The CDN can also be used for free within the available traffic of your CloudVPS virtual servers.

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