Free Linux VPS with SSD cache beta test


Over the last year we have been developing a new technology to enable SSD-caching for our Linux virtual servers. We collaborated with the Laboratory for Virtualized Infrastructure, Systems, and Applications (VISA) at Florida International University in order to develop dm-cache, a completely new open source caching-methodology that works from within the Linux-kernel.

Join our beta test

Over the last week we have executed a successfull alpha test with dm-cache. De beta test will start in the next few days and we would like you to join. For this test we will provide a free VPS 3 for every customer for a period of at least 3 months. You will be able to use this virtual server freely during this period. During the testing period we will however execute a couple of tests with failovers and we do not provide our normal guarantees regarding uptime and data-integrity on these virtual servers.

Please send an email to if you want to join this test. Indicate in this mail which Linux configuration you would like to use, control panels are possible. You will most likely receive your test-VPS within two days of indicating your interest to participate.