FreeBSD and Fedora added as Unsupported Images


As of today we've added FreeBSD to our available OpenStack images. This is a bare install of FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE x86-amd64. It is prepared with BSD Cloudinit so that ssh keys and resizes work with Openstack.

We also added a Fedora 20 image. This is the official Fedora 20 64 bit Cloud Image, taken directly from The image is configured with cloud-init, and so will take advantage of the OpenStack metadata services for provisioning ssh keys. Note that the root account is disabled, but sudo access is granted to a special login user. For Fedora 19 and newer releases, this user is 'fedora'.

Unsupported images

With this we also introduce the concept of Unsupported images. This means we will have slightly less experience with the software within these images or that the image is supplied by an external supplier. On these images we can not provide guarantees or support, we deliver the image and nothing more. Unsupported images can be found in the Unsupported categorie in the New Server Wizzard. We plan to make an unsupported firewall image available soon.

If you have any issues or questions with the two Unsupported Images we introduced today you should, for example, consult the FreeBSD handbook or the FreeBSD/Fedora forums.