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FTP to Object Store - Use the CloudVPS Object Store for FTP or SFTP Backups

We have made it possible to use the CloudVPS Object Store with FTP and SFTP. This enables many backup programs to use the CloudVPS Object Store. The backup functionality of control panels and applications like the Wordpress, Magento and Joomla can now also use the object store. The object store can now also be utilised if you use FTP to share files. FTP to Object store works with FTP clients like Filezilla, GVFS, NCFTP, CyberDuck and WinSCP.

The advantage of using the CloudVPS Object Store for these applications is that data is automatically stored redundantly over two datacenters and customers only pay for the capacities actually used. In the case of file sharing, customers will not have to maintain a separate file server.

In order to enable billing for actual usage we have mapped FTP actions to object store requests. Downloads count as Light Requests and uploads as Heavy Requests for example.

The FTP to Object Store functionality is available under the hostname ftp.objectstore.eu. Because of the specific features of the object store there a few limitations to our new FTP to Object Store functionality. Files larger than 5 Gigabyte are not yet supported for example. Partial and random-access writing are not possible and certain meta information about files are not preserved. This should not be a problem for most backup and file sharing applications however.

For more information on this new functionality see our knowledge base.

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