Hard and Software Upgrade CloudVPS Object Store


Over the last two months we've upgraded both the software and hardware of the CloudVPS Object Store.

Hardware Upgrade

The CloudVPS Object Store is growing with milions of objects a week. Growth has increased exponentially since the introduction of our popular Backup to Object Store product. This meant that we had to increase the hardware quicker than expected. Over the last two months we increased the capacity of the object store by 400%. The rebalancing of objects resulting from this unfortunately decreased performance for a couple of weeks.

We have also stored the container data that registers, amongst other things, the location of objects on SSD disks. This resulted in a significant performance increase. The next step is upgrading the caching layers to further improve performance.

Software Upgrade

All major components of the CloudVPS Object Store now run at Swift 1.13.1. This new version of Swift offers better performance, better security and several new features.

Users who work with large numbers of objects will be happy to know that we now support Bulk Uploads and Bulk Deletes. With these methods it is possible to avoid the HTTP overhead that comes individual requests.

Users who want to integrate swift in their browser-based applications, can do so now using the new CORS support. Using CORS, web applications can upload and download files using Ajax. This feature is especially useful in conjunction with tempurl.

If you allow user or third party uploads, you can prevent your containers from growing indefinitely with container quota. When a container hits one of the quota, no more uploads are accepted until the usage drops. Note that this is a best effort feature, and the quota restrictions may be delayed by a few minutes.

Other new features include a secondary key for tempurl, a new ACL format and Dynamic large objects.

We will start to roll out an even newer version of Swift early next year.