Harddisk upgrade and harddisk price reduction.


Over the last years we have decreased the price of RAM and CPU several times, as well as increasing the amount of RAM and CPU included in our virtual server packages.

Because the price of storage remained relatively constant the harddisk component has not been upgraded as of yet. Because of our increasing scale our storage is also getting cheaper and we would like to pass this advantage on to our customers. We expect further harddisk upgrades in the future.

Existing virtual servers

Any extra harddisk purchased with an existing virtual server will be reduced in price immediately. We will also reduce the size of any extra harddisk you are paying for with the increased harddisk of the relevant VPS package. So if you currently have a VPS4 with 100G of extra harddisk, it will turn into a VPS4 with 20G harddisk on your invoice.

The size of the actual virtual server packages will be upgraded whenever possible, we can not provide a timeline for this at the moment. We will be able to migrate virtual servers to a new cluster in order make the upgrade available if you need the harddisk space. Please get in touch with us when your harddisk is getting too small, you are not upgraded yet and you would like to migrate to a new cluster.

New packages and pricing

The new virtual server packages will feature the following harddisk sizes.

VPS 1 20 GB HDD  
VPS 2 40 GB HDD  
VPS 3 80 GB HDD  
VPS 4 160 GB HDD  
VPS 5 320 GB HDD  
VPS 6 480 GB HDD  

Extra Harddisk will also be reduced in price.

10 GB € 2,10  
20 GB € 4,10  
50 GB € 9,60  
100 GB € 18,00  
200 GB € 35,00  
500 GB € 80,00  
1000 GB € 135,00  

We hope this upgrade allows our customers to use our infrastructure even more efficiently and are looking forward to providing further upgrades in the future. Please contact us with any questions or remarks.