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Immediate provisioning of virtual servers extended

automatic provisioningWindows Servers

It is now possible to immediately provision Windows servers. This took a bit longer than for Linux servers because of extra work that was needed to properly integrate Hyper-V, Microsofts' virtualisation technology. Immediate provisioning of Windows virtual servers is possible for all customers that pay the first invoice via iDEAL, credit card or PayPal when they order.

Existing Customers paying their invoices within 30 days

Dutch and Belgian customers have the option to pay their invoices within 30 days. Till now a VPS's invoice had to be paid immediately if you wanted it to be provisioned immediately. If you wanted to pay it within 30 days you would have to wait until we checked the transaction. As from this week existing customers with a good payment status will be able to get a new virtual server immediately, even when they have 30 days to pay the first invoice. When you are submitting an order, you will see if you have this option when you get to the invoice and payment screen and you see the below information box.

We hope that we can make your workflow yet easier with this new improvement. The next step will be the implementation of an API.

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