Improved Terms and Conditions


In January of this year we have introduced new general terms and conditions. These already afforded our customers with a lot of legal security including serious privacy protection and an extensive description of our commitments.

We are now introducing a new version of the terms and Conditions. There are two important reasons for these. In the first place we are working on an ISO 27001 certification that includes a large number of cloud related measures. A few of these measures have to be incorporated in the general terms. A second reason is incorporation of the new SLA that we introduced last week in the terms and conditions.

The changes:

  • Incorporating the SLA in the text of the general terms.
  • Guaranteeing customers the freedom to migrate to another provider.
  • Giving customers the right to perform a vulnerability audit.
  • Customers have to report security leaks in CloudVPS infrastructure.
  • Further adding to the privacy definitions.
  • Compensation in case CloudVPS does not fulfill her obligations.

Please get in touch with sales if you want to receive a document that specifies the changes. 

These terms and conditions are only applicable to new customers. We will send an email to our existing customers shortly, informing them about this update. From that moment onwards the new terms and conditions will apply to all products.