Introducing Ahsay - Our new Windows Backup solution


CloudVPS - Ahsay backup logoOver the last few months we have tried and tested a number of new backup techniques for Windows. The reason for this is that there were a couple of drawbacks implicit in our current solution SyncBackPro. The main shortcoming of this program was that is was difficult to include all possible data in the backup schedule.

After a thorough selection we will offer our customers Ahsay from now on. The most important advantages of this solution:

  • Backups are facilitated through the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). This means open files are also included in the backup.
  • A dump of the database is automatically included in the backup and subsequently removed.
  • The admin can opt to include removed files in the backup for 'continued data protection'.
  • Complete Exchange servers can be backed up, and restoring individual mails is now possible.
  • You can take a complete image of a server and store it at the backup location. For this you will need a second harddisk connected to the server. CloudVPS support will be able to place your image in the required location.
  • Handy centralised webportal that acts as a control center.
  • Optional 128bit encryption. Remember the key needs to be available on the target server when a backup is restored. This means you should not only store it on the server that is being backupped.
  • Advanced branding options are available.

Because of the extra functionality, the monthly cost of Ahsay is somewhat higher than the cost of SyncBackPro. Ahsay will cost EUR 7.50 compared to EUR 4.50 for SyncBackPro. Like with Ahsay you will have to procure a CloudVPS backup account with enough space for your backups.

See the following knowledgebase article for more information on setting up this product: Please contact sales for more information.