Launch OpenApp NAP firewall and loadbalancer


In August last year we introduced the OpenApp CloudVPS Images. OpenApp is a collection of useful virtual server images, providing support for a single website and application, such as Wordpress, Joomla or MySQL. OpenApp is built on the open source control panel OpenPanel which is maintained by our own development team.

For single instances of an application OpenApp is the perfect solution. However, we do see a trend where our customers are using multiple virtual servers to run applications and websites. Although the databases and applications are often custom-built, what was missing was an affordable and fully functional loadbalancer/firewall. Preferably one that can be controlled via a simple and elegant user interface.

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Our solution is OpenApp Networking App (OpenApp NAP): An Open Source loadbalancer / firewall supporting High Availabilty setups and offering a friendly and elegant user interface. The new OpenApp NAP is available as of today as a CloudVPS virtual server image. You can find the packages on the OpenApp section of the OpenPanel site. Detailed information can be found on the OpenApp wiki.

OpenApp NAP consists of the following:

  • Loadbalancing via Keepalived
  • Firewalling and NAT'ing through IPtables
  • Support for High Availability setups based on a master-slave setup (also using Keepalived)
  • VPN support based on PPtP
  • The option to automate backups, updates and send out alert mails.
  • An easy and user friendly interface, allowing you to fully manage all features of the OpenApp NAP
We also offer an Astaro Firewall CloudVPS Image as a firewall and load balancing solution. This is firewall software that offers some extra functionality compared to OpenApp NAP. As a general rule you can choose OpenApp NAP but you should use Astaro when:
1. Advanced security features like deep packet inspection are needed.

2. VPN connections need to be managed.

OpenApp NAP is currently based on Ubunty 10.04 LTS, offering all benefits of the Ubuntu LTS support. Support for IPv6 loadbalancing is underway and will be offered once we upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

With OpenApp NAP we hope to have made the deployment and control of virtual clusters in our cloud even easier. We would like to invite system administrators to try it out and use it. All feedback is welcome.