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Manage the CloudVPS Object Store via your browser with Static Web

It would be convenient if you could manage your object store directly from your browser. Until now this has not been made easy by the different object stores in the market. If a private container in an OpenStack based object store is approached by a browser then an error message follows because the browser fails to identify itself. Amazon S3 shows a similar error message in this case.

If the container is public and allows 'listings' than OpenStack and S3 both show a flat list of objects that only allows management after some work by the customer.

We want to allow users to work with the CloudVPS Object Store via their browser. Our developers wrote a module in order to make that possible.

If a private container in the CloudVPS Object Store is approached with a browser then it will ask for a username and password. After logging in you will get a listing of the objects. If you click on these objects they will be downloaded.

In this way the browser becomes an interface for the object store. At this point in time this interface only allows read actions (downloads). We plan to make write functionality available soon. Think about uploading, by dragging-and-dropping in the browser for example, deleting objects and editing metadata.

The project can also be used for other OpenStack Swift object stores and we invite anyone to use our module. You can find this project on our Github page. The name of the project is 'better-staticweb' and 'swift-basicauth' is also needed.

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