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New optimised Magento Image Available

We are pleased to present the ninth version of our popular Magento image. This version contains a number of important updates of system software like PHP, MySQL, Apache, Direct Admin and CentOS.

The most important change is that Varnish has been added again. Varnish is a powerful front-end cache that was removed from the image in version 6 because the software did not work together well enough with Magento. This has now been solved with the new version of Varnish and the Magento plugin Turpentine. If you install this plugin then you will be able to use Varnish with Magento. Please note that Varnish can only be used if there is only one site running on the optimised Magento images.

Back-end caching will still be provided by the super fast Redis cache. For this image we will also spend an hour to the configuration of Redis and a number of database optimalisations. Page Caching and other advanced Redis functions, the configuration of Varnish and other analysis and optimalisation can be taken care of by us at an hourly rate.

Extra additions for developers are the availability of the Git client and the JpegTran server module for image optimalsation. You can order the new magento image on our site starting today. Please get in touch with us with any questions or if you want to update an older image.

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