New version CloudVPS Backup Scripts


Since Januari of 2009 we offer the CloudVPS Backup Script. This is a collection of tools that make backups and restore actions of a Linux server easy and simple. We improve these scrips regularly and we recently made the 2.1.0 version available.

Besides a large number of small improvements we have made the following significant changes:

  • A much more complete logging is now being written to the general syslog for all scripts regarding backup.
  • A much improved error handling. Pre-configured email addresses can now receive a warning in their mailbox with more information regarding an error.
  • The backupscript and the installer now have a number of Command Line Interface flags that can be used to quickly configure certain features. They can be used to ask for your quota, but also to complete installation using one line of commands.
  • The update mechanism has been made more stable.
  • The documentation is also extended significantly, see below for the links to the knowledgebase and the entire document.

Installation and Updates
Configuration and Restoring Backups

Entire CloudVPS Backup Operation Manual

Upgrade to 2.1.0

Customers with the current 2.X versions will automatically update to the new version over the next month. Get in touch with us if you are running an older version so we can upgrade it manually for you.