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You own a WordPress website or Magento web shop and would like it to function as optimally as possible, thus you are looking for your own VPS server which is easy to manage by yourself. NextVPS is extremely suitable for this. In this article we will show you the advantages of NextVPS and how easily you can have your own VPS server by launching a NextVPS server with control panel on which you can host a WordPress website or Magento web store, for example. Of course you can also use NextVPS for other applications. Think of a self-hosted cloud drive or version control system based on the community edition of Nextcloud or Gitlab.

What is NextVPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a part of a physical server. By dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers, hardware can be optimally utilized. You can use this part exactly the way you need fit. A virtual server is not dependent on the underlying hardware. This flexibility makes it possible to move a VPS to other hardware when necessary.

NextVPS is the latest generation of VPS servers from CloudVPS. With NextVPS you can quickly and easily have your own VPS server. These VPSs are delivered from the modern OpenStack platform of CloudVPS. With NextVPS you benefit from the advantages of the OpenStack infrastructure. These VPS servers are by default high available and equipped with high performance SSD storage where data is stored three times. Moreover, data traffic is free!*

Ordering a NextVPS

We understand that ordering a VPS is not something that you do every day, so we would like to explain the steps and corresponding choices. We choose a NextVPS as an optimal basis for a WordPress website or other application.

The ordering process consists of a number of steps including compiling the NextVPS and entering your data.

CloudVPS NextVPS ordering process - pick your image

When ordering your NextVPS, you are firstly asked to make a choice for an available image. This is a ready-to-use Linux or Windows operating system, an application stack or control panel on which the NextVPS is based. In this case we choose the DirectAdmin control panel on CentOS 7. This is a ready-to-use web hosting environment that is easy to manage via the DirectAdmin control panel.

CloudVPS NextVPS ordering process - pick your VPS

Next, you are asked to make a choice for a NextVPS package. A NextVPS package consists of a combination of system resources such as CPU, RAM and SSD storage that increase when choosing a higher package. A NextVPS package is available in a number of flavors for different applications. The standard flavor is usually suitable for the most common applications. The Small HD, Medium HD and High Memory versions have a fixed amount of SSD storage where the High Memory flavor is extremely suitable for workloads that require a lot of memory. In this case, we opt for the Standard 4GB package. This gives the VPS server 2 vCPU, 4 GB RAM and 100 GB SSD storage which is a great starting point for most applications.

Backup of your VPS

After choosing a ready-to-use image and NextVPS package, you also have the option to make automatic backups. You can opt for an automatic weekly snapshot of which the last 4 are saved. This is a weekly backup of the NextVPS server that allows you to easily restore the VPS to an earlier state. When you compliment this with daily backups, which you can adjust via DirectAdmin, you can not only restore your VPS to four weeks ago, but you also have access to recent data that can be reset at file level.

Additional options

Ordering your NextVPS is almost complete. If desired, you can give your NextVPS its own name under 'Technical details', select a data center if needed and opt for the safer Public Key Authentication instead of a regular password.

After you have completed the order, you will receive the necessary information by email and your server will be ready within 5 minutes, so you can continue with the installation of WordPress or another application.

You see, with NextVPS you can quickly and easily launch a VPS server for your WordPress website or numerous of other applications. In the unlikely event that you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

* Based on our Fair Use Policy

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