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Object Store pricing significantly reduced per April first

CloudVPS will significantly lower the pricing for its object storage per the first of April. The new prices will be as follows.

Storage Size EUR per G pm
0 - 100T 0.050
100T - 500T 0.045
500T - 1000T 0.040
> 1000T Please contact sales

We will also continue to offer the 10 Gigabyte free usage tier to customers that also have a CloudVPS virtual server. For these customers the following object store resources are freely available.

  • 10 GB Storage
  • 10 GB Outgoing Traffic pm
  • 50.000 Heavy API calls pm
  • 500.000 Licht API calls pm

Because we are not subjected to the Patriot act and are using OpenStack Swift, the CloudVPS Object Store is the privacy conscious and open alternative for services like Amazon S3. Today's price reduction will still leave our storage prices above the Amazon S3 pricing at the moment. The reason for this is that we have decided to ensure maximum performance and stability by continuing to use high quality hardware and caching solutions for the CloudVPS Object Store. Our traffic and API call pricing are vastly cheaper than those offered by Amazon S3 and our object store users can also use our free global CDN

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