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Optimised Magento CloudVPS Image

Online sales figures are incredibly sensitive to a site's loading speed. This is why we have an optimised CloudVPS Image for Magento available. With the help of this product we currently host a large number of quick web shops in our cloud. 

For Magento and Joomla optimalisation we have partnered with Jira ICT, the number one Magento trainer and consultant in the Netherlands. After your shop is placed on the virtual server Jira will perform a free, one hour, optimalisation.

A new Magento Image

Of course we learn new facts all the time and technology is also moving quite quickly. For this reason we regularly update the Magento Optimised CloudVPS Image. Today we are making the 5th version of this successful image available.

In this new version all relevant software patches have been applied. This version also improved manageability of SSL.

To boost performance, memcache is activated on the server. This makes it easy to activate database caching. Over the last few months we have also booked great results with Varnish front en caching. This can also be activated with relative ease by activating a Magento module and making some other relatively small adjustments.

The image is designed in such a way that it can be applied to a clustered setup with ease. It is also very easy to separate the web and mysql nodes for sites that are still to small for a cluster but are too large for a single VPS.

Another new feature is the program New Relic, an advanced monitoring tool. You get two weeks of full access for free, with a free lite version including one performance report a week.

Important: The image is optimised for a single website and we recommend you use it for a single shop. If you want to use the image for multiple sites a number of manual changes will need to be made.

Because we recently introduced SSD caching on our Linux clusters we can achieve a tremendous performance for your shop. In different tests the Magento Optimised CloudVPS Image outperformed dedicated servers offered by other market participants. Try it out yourself!

Important links
More information about the configuration of this image: http://www.cloudvps.com/community/knowledge-base/configuration-of-magento-optimised-vps/
About the installation of Magento using Installatron: https://www.cloudvps.com/community/knowledge-base/magento-installation-from-installatron/
Manual optimalisation steps by Jira: https://www.cloudvps.com/community/knowledge-base/optimisation-steps-after-installation-of-magento-or-joomla/

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