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Optimised Magento Image Version 6 available

A new version of our Optimised Magento Image is available. 

PHP Upgrade
The most important change is using PHP 5.4, this upgrade yields an extra 25% extra speed. With the use of PHP 5.4 caching methods, like Memcache and APC, that were available in Magento Image V5, are now unavailable or outdated. In the place of these caching methods we are now using the more efficient Redis.

Redis Caching
Redis generates an extra performance boost by storing both the cached values (the key values) as well as the important metadata (the tags) in memory. Session data is also stored in a separate version of Redis.

Setting up this caching can be done with the plugins and explanation that can be found on Github. We can also activate this cache for you. CloudVPS made an our of free system administration time available for this. If necessary MySQL config will also be tuned during this hour. The text in your provisioning-email will explain how you can use this option.

Advanced Redis functionality
Redis has a number of advanced functions like Full Page Caching. With this all static elements of a page are stored in the cache. Setting up this needs some more work in order to correctly configure which elements are static and which ones are dynamic. Below we provide the advanced possibilities in this new image together with the cost if we activate these services.
- Full page Cache (EUR 100,-)
- Redis Cache warmup (EUR 50,-)
- Redis custom hole punching (EUR 100,-)
- Redis magento session install (EUR 50,-)
- Redis Monitor (EUR 50,-)

New Relic

The program New Relic has also been added to the image again, this is an advanced performance monitoring tool. You get two weeks over full access for free and subsequently a free lite version including one performance report per week.

Complete Check
You can also get a complete APK check of your site by us. With this check we will spend two and an half our on an analysis of the security, searchability (SEO), mobile availability and a range of stability and speed related factors. You will subsequently receive a complete report of this analysis. This complete check with a value of EUR 250 is offered to CloudVPS customers for EUR 100.

With Version 6 of our Magento Optimised Image in combination with our extremely fast virtual servers with SSD caching results in extremely fast webshops. In different tests this combination was quicker than dedicated Magento servers offered by companies specialising in Magento hosting.

Important links
More information avbo ut the configuration of this image: http://www.cloudvps.com/community/knowledge-base/configuration-of-magento-optimised-vps/
About the installation of Magento from Installatron: http://www.cloudvps.com/community/knowledge-base/magento-installation-from-installatron/
Manual optimalisation possibilities after installation: http://www.cloudvps.com/community/knowledge-base/optimisation-steps-after-installation-of-magento/

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