Price Reduction Virtual Servers


We believe placing infrastructure in our cloud should be easy and affordable for both existing and new customers. By combining our own cloud management software and existing solutions in a smart way we are able to offer High Availability cloud services at increasingly attractive price levels.

In June we doubled the hard disk of the standard VPS packages and lowered the prices of extra hard disk space. This time we will double the RAM of all the VPS packages. The price of extra RAM, CPU cores and backup space will be lowered. De price of extra hard disk space will also be lowered significantly again.

With these price reductions our virtual servers have roughly halved in price for most customers within a few months.

  RAM HDD CPU Traffic Price/m
Extra CPU Core: € 7,50 5,00 per month
VPS 1 512 MB 1024 MB 20 GB 1 Core 250 GB € 10,95
VPS 2 1024 MB 2048 MB 40 GB 2 Cores 500 GB € 19,95
VPS 3 2048 MB 4096 MB 80 GB 2 Cores 1000 GB € 34,95
VPS 4 4096 MB 8192 MB 160 GB 3 Cores 2000 GB € 64,95
VPS 5 8192 MB 16384 MB 320 GB 4 Cores 4000 GB € 119,95
VPS 6 12288 MB 24576 MB 480 GB 4 Cores 6000 GB € 174,95
Harddisk Price/m Backupspace Price/m
10 G € 2,1 € 1,75 10 G € 4,00 €  2,50
100 G € 18,00 € 10,00 100 G € 15,00 €  10,00
1000 G € 135,00 € 77,50 1000G € 150,00 € 87,00


Upgrading existing virtual servers
Extra RAM, harddisk, CPU cores and backup space for existing virtual servers will be lowered in price immediately. We will use any extra RAM and CPU cores of the upgraded VPS-packages to lower the amounts of any extra RAM and CPU on your invoice. So, if you currently have a VPS 4 with 10 GB of extra RAM, this will become a VPS 4 with 6 GB of RAM on the invoice.

The current virtual server packages will be upgraded when possible. Virtual servers that are ordered over the last two months have a very good change of being upgraded within the next few weeks. For the rest we cannot provide a planning at the moment. If you need extra RAM or CPU urgently then we can migrate virtual servers to a new cluster in order to make the upgrade available. Get in touch with us if you would like to do this.

Product strategy
Besides the price reductions described above we have activated SSD VPS caching for Linux virtual servers. Together with some other measures we took this will lead to a 1.5 to 2 times faster harddisk in most circumstances. Besides this we have switched to significantly faster Intel CPU's for both Linux and Windows clusters. This means our product has not only halved in price but has also become almost twice as fast in many instances.

Besides a strong core product we will continue to expand the scope of our services. We are currently beta testing the CloudVPS Object Store for example. Because of this, developers and 'big data' customers will find it easy to gain access to flexible cloud storage. Alongside these activities we are currently going through an ISO27001 audit that will be finalised over the next months. Together with KPMG we have included a lot of specific cloud risk related measures besides the ISO27001 security measures.