SLA Changes: Additional Service Level and new SLA Agreements


We have a very simple and effective service level scheme. Our free Service Level 1 provides customers with an uptime guarantee and advice with issues regarding their environment. Service Level 2 adds 24/7 monitoring and support and 2 hours of system administration a month. The system administration hours can be used to resolve issues, secure the server or for performance optimalisation.

An increasing number of customers are placing important applications or websites in our cloud, often using a datacenter redundant cluster of virtual servers. These customers often have service level requirements that exceed what we can normally offer under Service Level 2. Because we like to work with standard components we have decided to introduce a new service level. This service level got the surprising name 'Service Level 3'.

This service level has the following extras compared to Service Level 2:

  • The two hours of system administration can be transferred from server to server.
  • We can set up and manage clustering services like load balancing and file and database replication.
  • We can include replication and load balancing services in our monitoring.
  • We can plan certain regular activities, like a security check, on our schedule.
  • On a physical setup we can manage a virtualisationlayer.
  • We can include the output of a customer application in our monitoring.

If we are already performing some of the above tasks under a current Service Level 2 contract we will continue to provide that service and will not force our customer to upgrade to Service Level 3.

Prices (per month)
Server type Service Level 2 Service Level 3
Virtual Server EUR 49.00 EUR 79.00
Physical Server EUR 73.50 EUR 118.50

We have also produced a service level document that extensively describes our service commitments to our customers. From now on everybody will be able to find a detailed description of our service commitment on our website. We also have knowledgebase articles about Service Level 2 and Service Level 3.