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CloudVPS Nominated Cloud Provider of the Year

CloudVPS has been nominated for the Computable Awards in the category ‘Cloud Provider of the Year’. We have been nominated by the professional judges because of our efforts in creating the first European OpenStack cloud and our free worldwide Content Delivery Network spread out over 93 locations.

Popular ICT magazine Computable yesterday announced the sixty nominated parties for the Computable Awards 2014, the most important ICT awards in the Netherlands. These are projects, organisations and people that have contributed a significantly to the ICT landscape over the last year according to Computable readers. There are five nominated parties in the Best Cloud Provider segment, with Microsoft and Amazon Web Services amongst them. The winners are determined by an independent professional jury and by the party getting the maximum number of votes. A public vote will be taken until the 15th of October 2014.


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CloudVPS Object Store beta tester contributes Java library

Our customer 42 was one of the first customers that joined the CloudVPS Object Store beta test. An object store is a distributed cloud storage platform that allows objects (files) to be stored and retrieved using simple API-commands. It is an ideal way to store images and other media files in the cloud. The most well-known example of an object store is Amazon S3. Our solution will be significantly cheaper and will address the privacy concerns related to storing valuable data with a US company.

We intend to launch a production version of our object store soon and besides helping us to test, 42 have also been working to make their own lives easier. They did this by creating a Java library that allows applications to communicate with our object store. Their Java library connects specifically with the OpenStack API, as our object store is based on the OpenStack Swift project.


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Windows Server 2012 and MSSQL 2012 Available

Microsoft has released Windows Server 2012 today. As from now it is also available as a product option on our order form. We have been testing with Windows 2012 for a few weeks already and definitely like some of its new features. The first reactions from the market are also positive.

Some nice new or expanded features:

PowerShell / GUI improvements - PowerShell is extended to customize and control the server OS and its features. Customers can also choose to deploy 2012 with the full GUI or as Server Core. With Server Core the customer gets a minimal user interface that includes the command line and PowerShell.

Server management - The management of servers has also been improved. The interface of Server Manager has been made more user friendly and can now also be used to instantly jump into a remote PowerShell session on a remote server.

Integrated cloud - It is also easier to set up a virtual network between your servers and services, no matter if they are located in the office or in a cloud. This provides the flexibility to move services to where it is best to run them. Security management has been simplified in order to accommodate this.


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