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Update Magento / Joomla CloudVPS Image

Because commercial sites need to be increasingly fast we released a CloudVPS Image that was completely optimised for Magento & Joomla in February of last year. We developed this image together with our partner Jira ICT , the top Magento & Joomla trainer and consultant in the Netherlands. This image is now one of our most popular configurations. Over the last year a lot of developments have occurred and that is why we are now releasing a completely new version of this optimised CloudVPS Image.

The most important change was that we moved from suphp to mod_ruid2. We incorporated suphp in the original image because it helps to manage filesystem rights by assigning a unique process to every user that has a request. This can lead to a drop in performance however as a lot of new processes have to be spawned during busy times. mod_ruid2 still assigns a process to a single user but allows for processes to change user so they dont have to be created (forked) exactly when the server is experiencing high load.


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