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Price Reduction OpenStack

On the 19th of May we have launched our OpenStack Compute platform. Over the summer hundreds of customers have put the platform into use running more than a thousand servers at the moment.

The initial prices and packages were determined on a very conservative basis. Now we are getting an increasing amount of information regarding the actual performance of the platform it turns out to be so high that we can start using somewhat less conservative assumptions. This means our cost prices reduces and we can pass that advantage on to our customers. We implemented a CPU upgrade last month. This time we want to adjust our virtual server packages (Flavors) and the pricing of Volumes (extra harddisks) in favor of our customers.


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CloudVPS - PW Webdevelopment Case Study: Object Store S3 emulation for Django

PW Webdevelopement's first project with the CloudVPS Object Store was a web application for the distribution and modification of price cards for airport shops in different international airports. PW Webdevelopment has been using an object store to store media files of their applications for a couple of years now.

Peter Wiggers, founder of PW Webdevelopment: "The biggest advantages of using an object store for the meda files are scalability and the high level of built-in redundancy. The extra security compared to maintaining a separate file server also plays its part.".

The media files related to this application were placed on Amazon S3 in the past. PW Webdevelopment recently decided to move their data to the CloudVPS Object Store, however.


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CloudVPS Object Store Available: Scalable Cloud Storage!

As of today the CloudVPS Object Store is available. An object store can be used to easily store files in the cloud and make them available through an API or URL. This makes an object store ideal for images, movies, backups and many other types of files. The popularity of object stores is starting to grow rapidly now, especially with developers and parties that want to store large numbers of files.

Advantages of an object store:

  • You only pay for your usage of storage, traffic and the API.
  • Your data is stored three times within two datacenters.
  • Files will be available from multiple locations.
  • Enables API based programming.


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CloudVPS Object Store beta tester contributes Java library

Our customer 42 was one of the first customers that joined the CloudVPS Object Store beta test. An object store is a distributed cloud storage platform that allows objects (files) to be stored and retrieved using simple API-commands. It is an ideal way to store images and other media files in the cloud. The most well-known example of an object store is Amazon S3. Our solution will be significantly cheaper and will address the privacy concerns related to storing valuable data with a US company.

We intend to launch a production version of our object store soon and besides helping us to test, 42 have also been working to make their own lives easier. They did this by creating a Java library that allows applications to communicate with our object store. Their Java library connects specifically with the OpenStack API, as our object store is based on the OpenStack Swift project.


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Harddisk upgrade and harddisk price reduction.

Over the last years we have decreased the price of RAM and CPU several times, as well as increasing the amount of RAM and CPU included in our virtual server packages.

Because the price of storage remained relatively constant the harddisk component has not been upgraded as of yet. Because of our increasing scale our storage is also getting cheaper and we would like to pass this advantage on to our customers. We expect further harddisk upgrades in the future.

Existing virtual servers

Any extra harddisk purchased with an existing virtual server will be reduced in price immediately. We will also reduce the size of any extra harddisk you are paying for with the increased harddisk of the relevant VPS package. So if you currently have a VPS4 with 100G of extra harddisk, it will turn into a VPS4 with 20G harddisk on your invoice.


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