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Update Magento / Joomla CloudVPS Image

CloudVPS - Magento, Joomla, Jira logos Because commercial sites need to be increasingly fast we released a CloudVPS Image that was completely optimised for Magento & Joomla in February of last year. We developed this image together with our partner Jira ICT , the top Magento & Joomla trainer and consultant in the Netherlands. This image is now one of our most popular configurations. Over the last year a lot of developments have occurred and that is why we are now releasing a completely new version of this optimised CloudVPS Image.


The most important change was that we moved from suphp to mod_ruid2. We incorporated suphp in the original image because it helps to manage filesystem rights by assigning a unique process to every user that has a request. This can lead to a drop in performance however as a lot of new processes have to be spawned during busy times. mod_ruid2 still assigns a process to a single user but allows for processes to change user so they dont have to be created (forked) exactly when the server is experiencing high load.

We also included APC opcode-cache and removed eAccelerator because we see better performance with APC and e-Accelerator is not being updated anymore.

Two features to take into account: Be aware that using APC means the image works best when used for a single webshop. Also keep in mind that the MySQL settings have been tweaked assuming the environment would feature at least 2G of ram.

During the free manual optimalisation (see below) Jira will implement the Zoom Full Page Cache. This is a full page cache that compresses your pages before they are transferred to the visitor. They are decompressed by the visitors' browser.

CloudVPS - Magento performance improvement

Added value from Jira

After the site is placed on your virtual server Jira will spend an hour to manually optimise various settings that are best tweaked when the site is already running and to install Zoom Full Page Cache. Because of our partnership they will do this for free. After this optimalisation you you can engage Jira yourself to do more work at competitive rates.

Jira also offers a number of award winning courses. If you are a CloudVPS customer you can get a significant discount on the most important ones. These courses are the Magento Customised Workshop and the Joomla! course. If you include your CloudVPS customer number when booking a course you will receive a EUR 95 discount.

We hope you enjoy the new possibilities this CloudVPS image offers. Please let us know if you want to test drive this new Magento/Joomla image.

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