Vulnerability discovered in Joomla, update is necessary


Joomla is one of the most popular frameworks for building websites. Recently, Joomla fixed a few critical vulnerabilities which solve the following issues:

1) The first vulnerability makes it possible for website visitors to register themselves on the website, even if the registration functionality has been turned off.
2) The second vulnerability allows for website visitors to register themselves on the website with elevated privileges.

The vulnerabilities are present in the Joomla versions 3.4.4. till 3.6.3. We advise you to immediately update your Joomla to version 3.6.4 to solve the above-mentioned vulnerabilities. The update can be found below.

Has your website been attacked, or do you suspect a breach? For example, you receive notifications of spam sent. Then chances are that you need to restore your website from a (old) back-up, since it’s not always possible to delete hidden code from your website.