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We welcome the new site of Exact Software on the CloudVPS platform

We would like to congratulate our customer Exact Software with their new Dutch website which went online early last week. Exact is a leading global supplier of online and offline business software. The Dutch website is very important to Exact and handles millions of visits from new and existing customers every year. The new version has a new layout and combines the former exactonline.nl and exact.nl sites. The new site has 521 regular pages and many thousands of pages that are generated dynamically.

The site is not only more visually attractive and convenient, significant technological improvements have also been implemented. A new cluster is configured that consists of nine virtual servers. These virtual servers are located in two datacenters and the cluster is set up to keep working even if one of the datacenters would stop functioning. This allows the extremely high uptime demands of Exact to be met. The site also uses memcached to increase its speed.

cloudvps - redundant high availability cluster voor exact software

We have been working with Exact for the last months to prepare the infrastructure elements of the new setup. Last week the cluster was thoroughly tested and the eventual deployment of the new site was executed without any downtime.

Ebo Eppenga, the Senior Marketing responsible for launching the new site said:

"We are very satisfied with our new site and with its deployment. By preparing well and by working closely with our provider CloudVPS we have set up a complex high performance environment which was deployed flawlessly"

We want to thank Exact for the pleasant cooperation and are looking forward to working with them on other projects in the future.

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