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CloudVPS Interface

The CloudVPS interface at is a powerfull interface for managing your VPS's changing your account details or download your invoices. You can click trough the different screens present in the interface on our CloudVPS Interface Tourpage.

The CloudVPS Interface can be split in 4 categories:

  1. VPS management (VPS Control)
  2. N2 statistics
  3. Account management
  4. Interface authorisation user management (Authorisation)
1. VPS Management (VPS Control)

If you have more than one VPS, you will see the VPS overview page, with a listing of all your VPS's in your account and the cumulative bandwith usage for all your VPS's. If there is a VPS currently being provisioned for you, wou will be able to track the deployment progress on this page (fig. 1).

1.1 VPS Detail - and management view

If you click on one of your VPS's in the overview, or if you have one VPS, you will see the detail and management page for that specific VPS. You can stop or start the VPS here and if you have a Linux based VPS, you can also select a different kernel. See our KB article on booting your own kernel.

In the column on the right you will find VPS specific features. Depending on the age and kind of your VPS, this could be any of the following:

fig. 1 Overview of VPS's


fig. 2 Detail view of the VPS
1.2 Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Tab

When you have more than one VPS with us, you'll see a VPC tab, next to the Overview and VPS tab.  On the VPC page you can create and assign a Private network you VPS\s in your account. This can be done for VPS's in different datacenters and between Windows and Linux based VPS's. See here for technical information on configuring a VPC.

fig. 3 Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)


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