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Configuration of Magento optimised VPS

Our Magento VPS image is configured with the DirectAdmin control panel and Installatron to simplify the installation and management. The costs for DirectAdmin and Installatron are EUR 6.45. A number of changes have been made for the sake of performance and security.

Elsewhere in our wiki you will find instructions on how you can install Magento within just a few minutes. Finally, we have several tips to make Magento even faster after installation. We will activate Redis and perform MySQL tuning in the free hour of system administration that you receive when ordering a new Magento VPS.

See here for more information about Magento memory requirements. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us if you still have questions.

The CloudVPS Magento image consists of the following components:

  • - CentOS 6.5
  • - Direct Admin control panel
  • - Installatron - installing Magento and keeping it up to date
  • - New Relic (Monitoring module via
  • - atop, htop, unzip - Statistics at Shell level
  • - /var/www/html (tools-> mysqltuner, apc, memcached, info, magento-install) - Statistics, install/Jira tools
  • Apache 2.2.26
    Mod_ruid2 - ensures a safe authorisation structure
    Apache modules (mod_expires, mod_deflate)
    Apache custom config
    Http static subdomains
  • PHP 5.4.26
    OpCache 7.0.2 (+ opcache viewer)
    /opt/sbin/ - rsync script for static/cookie free content
    PHP modules like php imap, SOAP, XSL etc. for the most popular plugins
    Ioncube Loader - isolates the PHP environment
    PHP is optimised (php.ini)
  • MySQL 5.5.36
    Mysql tuning script
  • Caching
    Redis Server - 2.6.13 (2 ports - 6379/7380)
    Varnish 3.0.5
    phpRedisAdmin (.htaccess ip block)
    logrotate redis -> /etc/logrotate.d/redis
    /etc/rc.mount - Website caching
  • Optimalisation tools for magento
    JpegOptim 1.3 (all images can be optimised via the shell)
    OptiPNG 0.7.4 (all images can be optimised via the shell)
    JSmin (advanced javascript optimiser)
    CssTidy 1.4 (advanced javascript optimiser)
    Git 1.8.5
    JpegTran v9
  • Debug tooling
    phantomjs 1.9.2 [headless browser for debugging etc]
    n98-magerun 1.79 [debug tool for magento]
    Git 1.8.5
  • Andere tools
    lockrun 1.1.2


  • A lot of the caching possibilities and other speed enhancing measures will work properly only when certain modules are activated or adjustments are made to the website code. We will be able to help with this, inform with us about the possibilities.
  • We can activate Redis caching of key-values, tags and sessions for you. For this, and for MySQL tuning, CloudVPS will provide a free hour of system administration.
  • If you want to use this image for a Joomla site, in the php.ini, in session handle + session.save_path = no default redis session. Change the settings to "file" + "/tmp"
  • If you want to use Varnish you need to use the Magento plugin Turpentine.
  • See the following page for futher optimalisations:
  • New Relic is active voor advanced Magento monitoring (2 weeks of full access for free, after that a lite version inclusing a weekly performance report.
  • Keep in mind that the MySQL settings have been tweaked assuming the environment would feature at least 2G of ram.
  • In connection with Jira-based optimisation, we have placed two extra keys in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys in addition to our own key.


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