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Magento installation from Installatron

1. Log in to DirectAdmin as admin and click 'Reseller Level' in the blue bar on the right side.

2. Create a package by clicking 'Add Package' under the 'Account Management' heading. Now enter the requested data (it is often best to set all the limits to 'unlimited'). Be sure to switch off all of the following: catch-all e-mail, SSH access and suspend at limit.

3. Create a new user by clicking 'Add New User' under the 'Account Management' heading. Now enter the requested data and select the package you just created for the option 'Use User Package'.

4. Now go to the user you just created by clicking the 'List Users' link under the 'Account Management' heading. Next click the relevant user in the list and then the 'Login As [username]' button.

5. Start Installatron by clicking the 'Installatron Applications Installer' link under 'Advanced Features'.

6. Go to the 'Applications Browser' tab.

7. On the left you see various applications you can install. You can find Magento under 'E-commerce and Business'. Tick this application.

8. Now click 'Install This Application' to start the install wizard.

9. The install wizard will now ask you a number of questions; just keep clicking 'Next' to go to the next screen.

10.1 Location – Here you specify where Magento will be installed. If you do not enter anything under 'Path', Magento will be placed in the root directory.

10.2 Version – We almost always recommend that you choose the latest version.

10.3 License – You can simply accept this.

10.4 Database – Here you should choose 'Automatically manage the database settings for me'. Installatron now creates the database.

10.5 Settings – Here you can specify your administrator passwords and usernames. You can use the 'Encoding Key' for saving any credit card data.

10.6 Confirmation – Click 'Submit' to start the installation.

11. As soon as this is finished, the installation details are shown. You can print these and then click 'Complete'. The installation is now complete and you will see your new Magento shop appear.

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