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Optimisation steps after installation of Magento

When you purchase a Magento Optimised Image and have installed your website, we will give you one hour of free consultation during which we activate Redis and perform MySQL tuning if necessary.

In order to take us up on this offer please contact us at after receiving the virtual server and placing the shop. Please provide the VPS number and the IP address.

Futher optimalisations

The list below contains examples of other elements that can be improved once the website is installed. We can also help you with this.

  • Merging, compressing, minimising JavaScript
  • Merging, compressing, minimising CSS
  • Expire header for static content
  • Cookie-free domains
  • Fewer HTTP requests
  • Efficiently written HTTP output without errors
  • Optimised images (e.g. 8-bit instead of 16-bit)
  • No scalable images
  • Compressed HTML output
  • Use of CDN or similar
  • Parallel downloading
  • Minimising DNS lookups
  • Preventing CSS @imports
  • Use of image sprites
  • Apache tuning

Keep in mind that as your site becomes busier Apache and MySQL will have to be re-optimised. The initial configuration of the image assumes a minimum of 2Gigabytes of RAM.

Redis Full Page Caching

Redis also makes Full Page Caching possible, with this all static elements of a page are stored in the cache. This needs some more work because static and dynamic elements need to be identified. Full page caching and other advanced functions can be activated by us for a fixed fee.

  • Full page Cache (EUR 100,-)
  • Redis Cache warmup (EUR 50,-)
  • Redis custom hole punching (EUR 100,-)
  • Redis magento session install (EUR 50,-)
  • Redis Monitor (EUR 50,-)
Varnish Activation

The image also contains Varnish, a super fast front-end cache. This cache needs the Manento plugin Turpentine. We can help you activate this at an hourly rate. The following blogs might be of help if you want to activate Varnish yourself:

VPS Bestellen
VPS Bestellen