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Required RAM for Magento

Development phase:
A half to a whole GB of memory is sufficient during the development stage, depending on the size of the shop.

Production phase – quiet shops:
If you host shops without all that many visitors, 1024 MB is usually enough for the first shop, with 256M to 384M for each additional shop.

Production phase – busy shops:
It is usually best to host busier shops on their own VPS. In terms of size, it is usually sufficient to begin with an environment having between 1 and 2 GB for several hundred visitors per day. When the shop becomes busier, you will usually need between 4 and 8G and sometimes more. You can always contact us for advice about caching and other optimisation possibilities.

Dont hessitate to ask us

You can always ask us to provide our informed opinion regarding the required RAM of your site. To make the best estimation for a Magento site we would like as many of the following questions answered:

  • Number of visitors per day/month, maximum number of simultanious visitors.
  • Traffic per month
  • Size of the database in MB / GB
  • Number of articles in the shop
  • The actual site (if it is already online)


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