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Within the CloudVPS Compute platform you can create virtual routers that connect to your private networks and can connect machines within these private networks to the internet using SNAT (Secure Network Address Translation).

A router will always use one IP to function this means the cost of a router is equal to the cost of an IP address (EUR 1 per month). You can use a maximum of one router per private network.

After a router is connected to both a private network and the public internet then servers within the private network can direct outbound traffic to the public internet through the router. New outbound connections that are initiated by the router will use the IP address of the router. If you want to receive incoming traffic from the public internet that is not initiated by the router you need to add a Floating IP to the virtual server.

Note: To create and use a router you first need to create a private network.

Add new Router
Log in to
At the navigation pane under Network, click Routers.
Click New Router.
Specify a name for the Router instance.
Optional: deselect Gateway if the Router does not act as a NAT Gateway.
Select the Networks the Router will be connected to.
Click Create.

Deleting an Router
Log in to
At the navigation pane under Network, click Routers.
Select the Router.
Click on the Terminate button indicated by the cross icon to delete the specific Router.
Click Ok to confirm the termination of the Router.

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